Elf Druid Male ??? years old ??? ??? lbs. ??? Common, Elven ??? Unused


Raelyn came from a town that was an extension of a larger metropolis, consisting primarily of humans, elves, and half-elves. They were deeply engrained in the 'mundane' world, but depended on the guidance of shamans, with their connection to the spirits, to keep their priorities in check, and for practical wisdom in administrative and civil issues. At a young age, Raelyn was entered into an apprenticeship to become a shaman, but as time progressed, his exposure to the spiritual world backfired and caused him to become 'wild' - unpredictable, ferrocious, and beastlike. By the time that a shaman would normally be speaking with the spirits and coming to find a spirit guide, Raelyn was characterized as one who had no appreciation for the practical wisdom that the spirits could impart, choosing instead to hunt and revel in the simplicities of the natural world. In his early teens, he was expelled from his apprenticeship and from the town.

He spent over twenty years after this point in the wild, living off instinct, at times in seclusion, at other times in the company of animals. Although he never put conscious thought toward the higher natural order, time ingrained a wisdom into him about such things - a wisdom that beasts have, but humanoids tend to forsake. He came to take on the powers of a druid, but had no exposure to their formal order or belief system.

Over time, he was discovered by a druid order, and was reluctantly brought into their fold. He was not an eager student, as he was very set in his ways and perspectives, but did appreciate some of the powers that they could manifest. He already had an understanding of the wild, but they were able to begin to open his eyes to the rules that govern the wild, and what other forces those same rules govern - as a beast he had nothing to learn from them, but as a spellcaster, he was a novice.

At times, his order would send him on adventuring expeditions that furthered their causes. He was on such an assignment when the slumber took hold...




??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Initiative: ??? Speed: ???
AC: ??? HP: ???
Passive Insight: ??? Passive Perception: ???








Acrobatics ???
Arcana ???
Athletics ???
Bluff ???
Diplomacy ???
Dungeoneering ???
Endurance ???
Heal ???
History ???
Insight ???
Intimidate ???
Nature ???
Perception ???
Religion ???
Stealth ???
Streetwise ???
Thievery ???





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