A Paladin's HeartEdit

Every year Bahamut and Tiamat vie for one soul. The soul is always either evil or good and each year it’s a different soul. This year it is Tiamat’s choice and she chooses a Dragonborn worshiper of Bahamut (Kharduun). Her taste for stealing purely good souls from Bahamut is one of her sweetest treasures. Bahamut is not so worried about the soul of one of his trusted Paladins but rather about the souls of those his warrior of good has touched. Bahamut also decides he'll use the contest to also build an item called the Paladin's Heart since Tiamat has chosen one to steal.

The heroes, still inside the citadel of Ustraternes, witness Kharduun's agonizing death and are then immediately whisked away with Kharduun to a divine tower where the challenges to win Kharduun's soul are staged. Along with the heroes, two new arrivals appear with them, a shadar-kai named Briar and a gnome named Bailiwick Bilgebelly who are sent to assist in deciding where Kharduun's immortal soul will reside.

After four challenges, the heroes successfully form the Paladin's Heart, ensuring Kharduun dwells with Bahamut.

Awesome Thing: Bailiwick still fought valiantly against the black Dragonborn in the first challenge despite falling off the platform earlier and being 20 feet below the combat.

XP Each Player Should Be AtEdit

3,750 (Level 4)

Treasure FoundEdit

(Treasure Assignment Discussion)

  • Frostwolf Pelt +1 → Hatchling
  • Leather Armor of Sudden Recovery +1 → Briar
  • Chain Hero's Armor +2 > Lachria
  • Tome of Striking Lightning +1 → ?
  • 48 gp per each of the 7 players present.