The adventurers encounter the mindbender Corrin in the heart of the Psion Quarter. Inside the heart of floating island he shows the group the memory of a murder. The victims had found a warwing drake and it's dead rider (having fallen from a great distance). A tabard of Zehir was found near the body as well as a map indicating Morningfall Summit as a point of interest. The memory ends with the captain of the guard of Winterhaven, Krax, and his men killing these witnesses.

The group then traveled to Morningfall summit to find the remains of the Dragonborn citadel Ustraternes. After passing phantom guardians, the group found themselves ambushed by Dragonborn soldiers coming from a floating tower. After defeating these brigands they are now determined to enter the tower!

Awesome Thing: Shama Zul used a single power to destroy three skeletons within a large area then immediately turned to push an ally several squares away closer to attack range.

From the Journal of Shama

After fighting on rough terrain, the Awoken Heroes rested the night in the floating tower, securing all possible access to their temporary camp. Shama ended his day meditating in the top level of the tower, overlooking the darkening valley below, seeking meaning in what he experienced that day.

“Echo and I could tell that the Dragonborn who greeted us outside the tower was lying. What I couldn’t foresee was the ambush that he ushered in. My companions, however, are brave and competent. Despite having arrows rain upon us from the tower, we were able to make our way through the enemy. Erathis, be thanked, I have found powerful allies for the battles to come. We’re lucky that Kharduun’s phase out of time happened just after we had captured the tower. I wonder when he will return and why this is happening?”

Shama’s meditation was momentarily interrupted by Hatchling’s impatient wandering. Hatchling, the Dragonborn who just hatched today when the party came upon his rune-protected egg, had proven himself to be a very competent fighter, even in his first moments of life.

“Curious that the Dragonborn have found a way to develop warriors without the need to develop them through childhood. I wonder if there is a side effect to this kind of breeding? It seems unwise. Thanks to the gods that Kel assumed the maternal form of a Dragonborn. Without that ability, I suspect it would have been difficult to gain Hatchling’s trust.”

After making the appropriate prayers to the gods, Shama slept before he had his turn at watch. Shama had dreams of Dragonborn and strongly sensed the eerie presence of serpents. And when the sun arose, it was Sarl who woke Shama. “Come, friend. We should investigate the remains of the citadel. It’s not far from here," Sarl said. “Oh, one more thing… I had strange, dark dreams.” Sarl, shook his head, almost disbelieving. “Shama, did you happen to dream of snakes?”