Death At Ustraternes

Tragedy has befallen the heroes. After Bejik admits a set back in his plans to breed soldiers to ride an army of mind controlled warwing drakes, he escapes. The heroes, separated from others in the group by the courtyard's collapse, press on deeper into the fallen citadel of Ustraternes and find servants of Zehir waiting. The battle does not go well. With the citadel beginning to lurch, falling debris injures the party as does an attack by a gelatinous cube. Echo and the newborn Hatchling fall. And do not rise.

Leaving their fallen comrades behind, the remaining heroes speak to the dead original inhabitants of Ustraternes. The group learn that the one who betrayed Ustraternes and was ultimately responsible for it's destruction resides withing the fallen citadel and has in his possession a powerful artifact called the Wrath Stone. It's powers aren't completely known, but it was once used to control the citadel.