From the Journal of Kharduun:

Kharduun awoke from the long slumber placed on them by evil artifact filled with the power of the mighty Orcus. After the initial confusion, there was little anyone could do to change their circumstances and he was very happy to resume the quest that Sir Keegan put them on. He had given his word to Sir Keegan to help protect the ancient keep and what it holds.

Kharduun likes his new friends. He barely knows them yet but they seem to be good hearted souls and this new world he finds himself in, seems to need this sort of person.

Echo is a cleric of Bahamut. She appears to be fearless. He will do his utmost to protect her from harm so that she may spread Bahamut's light in this time of darkness.

Ethyrion appears to be formidable warrior if not a bit wreckless in battle. The Eladrin is inspiring to behold though and a welcome comrade in arms.

Tim, despite his diminutive size, proved to have sharp eyes and ears and dagger. He held his own in on the battleground and Kharduun feels certain his other skills will prove invaluable in the times ahead.

Kharduun already trusts his group of new friends. He will protect them from harm as best as he while they now fight to remove the stink of darkness that has fallen on Shadowfell.

His heart is filled with a horror and a rage that knows no bounds at the discovery of the desecrated tomb of fallen heroes of Bahamut within the Keep. Ethyrion's timely prayer at the alter, has at least stopped the corruption for now but Kharduun feels the taint is strong and deep within the castle. He only hopes he has the will and stamina to see it purged completely.